Here are answers to some of the most common questions about our photobooth hire.

How and when do I receive the digital copy of the photobooth photos?

You will receive a link via email to download the images from your event. From the link you can also view and share your images with friends. Please allow up to 10 days after your event for us to process and upload your photos.

What are the space requirements for each booth?

Unless otherwise noted, all of our booths require 3.5m x 3.5m of floor space. Backdrops need a 9ft ceiling height minimum.

Can the booth go upstairs?

Please contact us before booking if your venue has flights of stairs but doesn’t have lift access.

Only our  Retro Booth can be transported up a short flight of stairs if your venue doesn’t have a lift.

Please note – This is not guaranteed and depends on the amount of stairs and staircase configuration.

All of our other booths may go up 2 or 3 stairs, but they can’t be transported up flights of stairs, your venue would need lift access in this case.

Will you organise setup time and access with our venue or do we need to do that?

We will get in touch with your venue, if they have a contact number, to determine the best setup time and access to make sure the booth is ready to begin on time. If we are unable to get in touch with your venue, you will need to provide us with access details and any other venue details we may require.

How many copies do your booths print?

Our print booth have 2 print size options. You can either selected traditional 2×6 ‘Strips’ or 4×6 ‘Postcard’ sized prints.

If you decide to go with the 2×6 strip style prints our booths print two copies with each use. If you decide to go with the larger 4×6 postcard size print, our booths print a single copy with each use.

If you would like unlimited prints, meaning everyone in the photos gets a print, this an upgrade that can be selected when booking via our booking form.

Your guests will have unlimited use of the booth during the hire period, so they will get lots of prints. You will also receive a digital copy of all images taken by the booth via email after your event.

Can we include our written details and design on the prints?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to include any written details, colour scheme, logo or design you like on the prints.

We also have a range of templates that can be personalised to suit your event’s theme and written details. These can be viewed from within your client portal after booking.

Is delivery and setup included in the price?

Yes, all of our bookings include Free delivery up to 30km’s from our location in Craigie in the price. Distances further than 30km’s are subject to quote.

Does the booth have the ability to SMS and Email Photos?

An SMS & Email upgrade can be selected on our booking form at an extra cost of $150 per event.

Do you require power?

Yes, we require a power outlet in close proximity to the booth, within 3 metres.

Do you provide an Attendant?

Our booths run completely attendant free thanks to the our easy to use touch screens and efficient photo booth software and printing solutions. Although rarely necessary, we can log in to the booth remotely to adjust anything like lighting if needed.

What time will you setup on the day?

We will arrive to discretely setup the booth 1 hour before the hire time starts, the booth will also be packed down upon conclusion of the hire time. Both setup and packdown are non-intrusive to the event proceedings.

Please note – Set up of the booth will occur during your event if the booth start time is later than the event start time.

If you would like the booth setup prior to the start of the event, but don’t require it to begin operating until later, you may like to include some ‘idle time’ with your booking. Idle time is $60 per hour, during this time the booth will not be operational.

Idle time is useful if you need us setup early, need the booth paused during speeches, or if you don’t want the booth to be packed down immediately after the hire period ends.

Please confirm in the additional notes when submitting your booking where you would like the idle time to start, and whether it is before, during, or after the rental time