GIF Booth

Hire our new GIF Booth

Turn your snaps into GIFs and capture more than just a moment with our newest photo booth for hire. Perfect for getting the party moving, use the booth to create gifs that can be saved for later or shared instantly to social media. It’s easy:

  1. Snap four photos to create your GIF
  2. Add filters and adjust your speed (or choose a photo layout instead of a gif!)
  3. Share straight to Facebook and Twitter, or email yourself the MP4 version (perfect for sharing to Instagram from your smart phone)

Store openings, shops, parties, functions and festivals –  who can resist a GIF!?


Why hire the GIF Booth?

Designed for social sharing, spreading event videos everywhere and anywhere! Not only is it super fun for event guests, but it’s also a great way to get event #hashtags trending to reach thousands of people with every share.


Create Interactive GIFs


Share to social media


Collect user information
(eg. Name, Email, Birthday)


Track social reach and shares

Make it yours

Photos and Animated Gifs
Edit with layouts and filters
App branding and photo overlays
Share straight to Facebook and Twitter
Send emails with your gif and an MP4 version for Instagram
Automatically saves all versions to dropbox
Connect to AirPrint to print out snaps
Capture customer email, name, birthday and more
Create surveys for customers
Text through a link to your gif to be saved or shared
Track all social shares, link clicks and social engagement
Edit app online and manage remotely
Customised online galleries