3 Ways to Stir up Fun and Make Your Event Legendary


Planning a corporate event, birthday party, office party, wedding celebration or any other type of event can be tough as you’ll want to make it fun for guests and not have everyone sitting bored in the corner. Of course one of the points of a party is to socialise and mingle, but after everyone’s caught up on the latest gossip, they’ll usually want some sort of entertainment.

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Music in the form of a band or DJ is the normal option and everyone will love having a little boogie after the canapés. But how about injecting a spark into your party or event? How about adding in something that will get people talking for months to come, have people laughing, gasping and of course having colossal amounts of fun!?

Ideas to Crank up the Fun Factor at Your Event

  • Create an interactive experience. Getting guests involved in a fun experience will have everyone laughing and make it one to remember. Some ideas would be; hiring a couple of professional dance instructors to teach attendees some moves, a caricature artist capturing moments and faces for people to take home as a memory, a fun casino to feel the thrill of the win, magicians teaching some tricks or some sort of contest/game pitting people against each other.
  • Hiring a photobooth. Everyone knows we’re living in the era of the ’selfie’ and people love capturing pictures of themselves and friends up to all sorts of antics. Hiring a photobooth will give your event that edge, allowing guests to pose till their hearts delight with all sorts of backgrounds and special props. You can hire a photobooth in Perth easily and have it customised to your event. Some options are; a GIF booth, an instaprinter booth, a retro booth and an open or enclosed booth.
  • Show people the wow factor. We all love to be entertained and there’s probably many times when you’ve walked away from a show or event that has stuck in your mind for a long time. If you have the funds you can hire an entertainer to give guests a night to remember. An obvious one is a singer or band, but some unique ideas could be; an entertaining expert cocktail maker, a cirque de soleil show, a comedian, a dance act or you can even hire a serving team who double up as actors and will perform in a character as they serve.

There are so many ways to make your event one to remember and guests will love you for making the night special. Choose one of the above or a mix of the above and your party will become legendary!