With a Little Planning Your Charity Event will Be One to Remember


Charity events are full of good intentions, with the whole party designed around getting big donations from attendees for a great cause. While this is of the utmost importance and of course very honorable, it shouldn’t be forgotten that you need to give guests an unforgettable experience so they add your event to their yearly calendar.

Nowadays people can donate easily to charity through their mobile phones or easily set up a Go Fund me page, so you need to give them a reason to come to your charity event. While you could get donations this way for your non-profit venture, creating a charity event to remember will get the spotlight on what you’re doing, get people talking and if you give them a party to end all parties – you’ll raise more money than you ever have before!

Have a Headline Act

Having a jaw dropping headline act is what will get people clamoring to get a ticket to your charity event. It’s also what will make your event stick in people’s minds and want to attend year after year. A headline act could come in the form of; a speaker, a comedian, a performer or even a celebrity guest.

Whatever you choose for your headliner, make sure its engaging, super fun and will stick in people’s minds for a long time to come. You can even tie the act into a theme you’ve created for your event like Vegas, black tie or summer ball etc.

Choose a Theme

Creating a theme for your charity event will take a little planning, but will be well worth it in the end. Some ideas are; Vegas glamour with a fun casino, red carpet luxury with the addition of photobooths and fun props, retro board games, 70s disco or Hawaiian beach with matching flower adorned cocktails.

Whatever theme you decide on, photobooth hire is a great idea to get guests snapping pictures to share across their social media accounts. This will give your event added publicity and let people know what they’re missing out on!

Make an Impact with Personal Stories

While you’ll want to give guests a good time, it’s important to share the story of your charity, who it helps and the successes you’ve had so far. Sharing the emotional journey with your guests will have a huge impact and seeing the lives you’ve changed will let people know where their money is going. Get individuals to share their story at the event if they’re willing or you could set up a slide show to share multiple stories.

Explain How Donations Are Used and Stir Excitement

Instead of just saying ‘’ we hope to raise $100,000’’, you can explain that every $100 will help one-person study for one month or whatever your key goal is. This helps attendees to put in perspective how their money will be used.

During the night, stir up excitement by having a huge digital counter in view of everyone, allowing them to watch as the donations rise. Consider having an auction to create bidding wars and you could even hold sporadic competitions to pit people against each other. Put your photobooth hire to good use and create extra laughs by giving prizes for the funniest photos of the night for example.