Dressing Up, Pulling Faces and Snapping Pics with Their Friends, You Won’t be Able to Keep Your Kids Away from the Photobooth!


Photobooth hire for any event is a great idea and after a few drinks it gets everyone posing away and taking funny photos you might not normally capture with a normal camera. Wedding receptions, birthday parties, office parties, shop openings and many other events have enjoyed the addition of photobooths, to add that extra unique entertainment to the proceedings.

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Kid’s parties are another event that can really benefit from the hire of a photobooth and it’s a great way to capture shots of your little ones big day, without having to run around yourself being the photographer. Kids won’t be able to get enough of their own photobooth for the evening and with the addition of props, personalisations of your chosen photobooth and the ability to share photos instantly on social media, your little bundle of joy will love you forever if you hire them a photobooth for their birthday party.


Creates an Entertainment Zone

As I’m sure you know, kids like to be entertained and if there’s no entertainment going on, they’ll be hassling you non-stop to do something with them! While of course you’ll want to spend time with your little one at their birthday party, hiring a photobooth will give your child and their friends an entertainment zone to hopefully keep their attention for a while.

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Can Share Photos Immediately on Social Media

It’s the digital age and adults and children alike love to keep their friends and family updated at all times on what they’re doing. Whether it’s sharing being out shopping for the day, eating a tasty taco or hanging out with friends, this all usually gets posted on Facebook and whatever the latest social media platform is. Kids have grown up in this culture and having an extra way to take funny pics and share with their friends will be a highlight of the night.

They Can Dress Up

Most people will have memories of dressing up in their parents high heels, as batman or maybe a fairy princess when young. Whether your child is young or edging towards their teens, they’ll still love to dress up as their favourite character and pose with a range of hilarious props for photos. When contacting your photobooth hire company in Perth, talk with them about what props your kids will love and they can make it happen.

The Photobooth can be Part of a Theme

Maybe your child’s birthday party has a superhero theme, a princess theme, a circus theme or a sports theme to name a few. When you hire your photobooth, you can talk with the hire team to have your booth customised to fit right in with this theme. Red carpets, glitter, multiple props and different colours and styles of booth, are just a few of the things possible when choosing your photobooth.

Gives You a Break from Taking Pictures

Of course planning and executing a child’s party can be exhausting having to make sure they’re fed, watered, entertained and all safe and happy. Taking photos of the special day is just another thing in the long line of things to do. Photobooth hire can take this stress away from you and you’re guaranteed to get some hilarious, unique and memorable photos of your child’s special day.