Ditch the Boring Office Party Vibe and Let Loose with a Photobooth!

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Corporate events and office parties can get the reputation of being a bit of yawn-fest with a cheesy disco, stale buffet food and boring conversations with your line manager about that project that was meant to be finished last week. 2019 is the year to buck the trend and inject some life into your next business event or party!

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One option is to hire a photobooth and with them being fully customisable with props, backdrops and business logos/colours, your team will love jumping in and out of a booth, turning an office party or corporate event into an epic night that’s talked about for months after. Let’s take a look at your options and how you can hire the ultimate photobooth for your needs.


Get the Event Moving with a GIF Booth

GIF booths are great for corporate events, office parties, store openings or any type of party where you want to have some unique fun. Once one of your team has snapped their GIF, it can be shared instantly on social media or they can email themselves an MP4 version to save for later. A variety of speeds, filters and layouts can be chosen to further make the GIF stand out.

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Go Cool Vintage with a Retro Booth

Get hilarious group shots of up to 15 people in the Retro Booth. With its super sleek design and retro customisation, you team will love the edgy style of this booth. Use quirky props to further create unique and memorable shots, which can be shared instantly on social media or printed straight out.

Snaps in a Flash with the Instaprinter

Choose from a massive 15’’ or 30’’ touch screen allowing guests to snap and print their own fun shots in four easy steps. You can create a custom hashtag for your event and encourage everyone to share their snaps to your Instagram, ensuring everyone knows what a great time you’re having. If you hire this photobooth, you can be sure everyone will have a great time at your event.

Add Excitement with a Signature Enclosed Photobooth

Not everyone is confident in front of the camera and this photobooth gives a little privacy while taking their snaps. The curtain can be drawn, props can be worn and who knows what pics might emerge! Guaranteed fun for everyone and you’re sure to get some hilarious snaps by the end of the night.

Snap and Go with the Premium Open Faced Photobooth

When you hire a photobooth for an event, you should consider what type of snaps you want to get. This photobooth can be customised with a red carpet and props and is great for large groups, as you don’t have to get everyone in a confined box to take pictures. This booth is extremely portable, meaning it’s easy to get up stairs and the prints totally customisable so you can keep everything in a theme for your event.

If you need to hire a photobooth in Perth for your next corporate event, talk to the team at Premier Photobooths to work out what would be best for you.