Provide Entertainment and Unique Memories with a Wedding Photobooth

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Your wedding day is one of the most anticipated and exciting days of your life and your loved ones will be excited to celebrate with you. Dancing, live music and eating lots of delicious foods is all part of the entertainment, but adding in little unique sparks of fun will make your big day that one to remember. Hiring a photobooth in Perth for your wedding, will be a hit with guests and a memorable form of entertainment.
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Photobooth hire is popular at many types of celebratory events and is fast becoming more popular than a photographer to capture special moments. If you decide to take the plunge and hire a photobooth for your wedding day, these are the 5 reasons you’ve made the right decision!

A Gift for Guests

Wedding favours or gifts, whatever you like to call them, are usually a customary way to give guests a small thank you for attending your special day. Weddings are exhausting to plan and having to think about a gift for guests as well can seem too much. Photobooth hire will take care of all that for you, with guests being able to take home a photo reel of funny moments – perfect as a wedding memento.
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Alternative to a Signed Guest Book

A popular wedding custom is to get guests to sign a book, giving well wishes and maybe a comment about the great day they’ve had. Now instead of getting guests to sign a book, you could ask them to stick a funny picture from their photobooth reel in your book! Year’s down the line you’ll love opening your book and seeing all the happy, quirky faces looking back at you!

Added Entertainment

The usual wedding entertainment entails a DJ, maybe some live music and your old uncle Nigel doing the funky chicken dance! Photobooth hire will really mix things up, getting people interacting and letting their goofy side come to the surface. Having the safety of a confined photobooth, will usually get even the shyest person taking a few great photos and letting their hair down.

Quality Photo Memories

Photobooths are equipped with the highest quality Canon DSLR, 22’’ screens and red, white or black curtains. Prints will be crisp and clear every time and can also be integrated with social media or customised with branding.

Create Nostalgic Moments

Having such an awesome time in your wedding photobooth will create nostalgic moments everyone can enjoy looking back on. There’s something about having a physical photo to actually touch and hold, that smartphone photos just can’t replace. In years to come guests can look back on their wedding photobooth strips and have a nostalgic moment. And of course, having photos to look back on with your future husband will definitely bring a tear to the eye!