Not Just Great for Parties, a Booth can be Useful in Your Workplace

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Photobooth hire is thriving in the party and event industry, but you may have never thought about hiring a photobooth to help improve your sales at work. Whether you own a small one man business or are a manager of a big corporation, goals are generally similar with you wanting to reach more customers and keep the ones you have happy.
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Every business wants to stand out and social media is buzzing with people promoting their products and talking about how they have the answer to problems. Of course there are many ways to connect and engage with your customers, but to cut through the noise you have to think outside the box and do something your competitors aren’t doing yet. This is where photobooth hire comes in! Let’s take a look at what businesses will benefit from photobooth hire and how they can use a photobooth.

Animal Shelter

Having a photobooth in your animal shelter is a great way to advertise your animals and give adoptees a lovely memento. Each time a new parent picks up a new rescue pet, let them take pictures in the booth. This allows them to have a cute picture of the day they take their beloved new pet home and you can use the snapshot on your website to promote the moment. You could even do some fun snaps for each pet, allowing them to sit in the booth and take pictures, which will be really unique and genuine – great to have on their website profile!
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Bar or Restaurant

The bar and restaurant business is a competitive one and making your establishment stand out from the crowd should be a priority. While people will go to your place for the food, drink and service first of all, they’ll go back time and again if the place has something unique they love. Photobooth hire is a great way to add that memorable twist to a guest’s night out at your venue.

Hair or Beauty Salon

In today’s world, everyone loves a selfie and especially after they’re looking their best coming out of a salon! Instead of letting them take it with their phone, having a photobooth in your salon is a clever way to promote your skills, while letting customers show off their new look. They can take an instant picture home, while also having it posted to their social media and the business social media account – perfect way to promote!

Hotel or Guesthouse

What better way to give guests a memento of their stay, than a few quirky pics in a photobooth. Kids will love messing around taking funny shots and of course it’s a great way to promote happy customers on your social media. Get them to share the pics on their social media and tag you in for great cross promotion.


If your festival is a smaller start up, photobooth hire will help to promote your event and get the word out there. After soaking up some music and drinks, it’ll be the icing on the cake to take fun pictures in a photobooth. Provide props and unique backdrops to really get some hilarious shots. Festival goers can then have that physical keepsake photo and of course share all the hilarious pics on their social media, tagging you in!