Forget Awkward Staged Photos with a Photographer, Your Photobooth will Capture Real Moments

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Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, graduation, Christmas or anything in-between, documenting the event is essential to look back and enjoy moments that you might otherwise forget. In the past it’s been usual to hire a photographer to capture moments throughout your special day, but not everyone’s a natural in front of the camera, meaning some photos can look awkward.
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Thankfully the photobooth has come along, allowing everyone to have fun in front of the camera, without the pressure of prying eyes and being put into stiff, un-natural poses. People who would normally shy away from having their photo taken, literally come alive in the photo booth and can be who they want to be with a range of props and background images. Photobooth hire in Perth for your event, will make your special day come alive and let you see your friends like you’ve never seen them before!

Photobooths Create Genuine Spontaneous Pictures

Not everyone loves being in front of the camera and the pressure of being put into a pose by a photographer can be too much for some people. Having the safe confines of the photobooth, means you can become the photographer and control when the picture is taken and what pose you want to strike. And with tons of fun props on hand, you can dress up and let your silly side come alive, creating fun, spontaneous pictures you’ll love to look back on.

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Photobooths Provide Entertainment for Guests

Not only will your photobooth give you countless fun memories, it’ll also provide a bit of extra entertainment for your guests. When the drinks are flowing, young and old will love diving into the booth dressed as a pirate or with a sparkly head dress on to strike a pose. It’ll definitely be a conversation starter, with guests excitedly sharing their stories of their fun and games in the photobooth!

Photobooths Can Print Pictures Instantly PPPB_Home page_Why choose us Image

You might have to wait weeks or months to get your photos back from a photographer – not with your photobooth! Guests can print their pictures instantly as a souvenir of the night. Having a photo memory of the night will be an awesome gesture from your event and will keep people talking about your party for a long time!

Photobooths Can Customise Your Prints

Your photobooth comes with a range of features, including the ability to customise your prints with; wedding details, an engagement date, a birthday message or your corporate branding. This will allow you to get your brand seen amongst a wider audience and give a personalised feel to the night.

If you need photobooth hire in Perth or the surrounding area, you can reach out to the team on 0411 079 422 to discuss your needs. Perth Premier Photobooths has a range of photobooths to hire including; a GIF booth, the instaprinter, a retro booth, a signature enclosed photobooth, a premium open faced photobooth and a range of funky backdrops.